The first “moot” took place in 1931 in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

The first “Euromoot” of the Federation of European Scouting took place in 2007 in Slovakia and Poland. However, this was not the first international meeting of the red branches. In the Holy Year 1975, 500 leaders, rovers and rangers of our Federation went to Rome as pilgrims. During the audience, Pope Paul VI personally addressed a very important encouragement to the Guides and Scouts of Europe. It was a true call for the future growth of the FSE all across Europe! In August 1978, 2000 Guides and Scouts of Europe went to a pilgrimage to Lourdes and in 1994, the “red branch Eurojam” gathered the rovers and rangers in Puy-en-Velay (France).

NNow it is up to you to continue, to live and to write the “Moot History” of the Guides and Scouts of Europe!

Taste the weight of this mission, listening to the Federal Commissioner:

In 2019, we will go back to Rome. And who knows? Maybe the Holy Father will encourage us to go even further… I think especially of Latin America where a lot of guides and scouts wish to join us!”
(Martin Hafner, April 2018)