Let’s twist!? Euh…

Let’s TWIN!

It’s clear that if we want to “moot”, we need to meet each other! We are convinced that the main way to meet during the Euromoot is TO TWIN!

You will really make new friends and discover another culture from abroad by walking, cooking, singing, laughing, praying, serving, living adventures … together! You will find out many differences and also a lot of similarities between your clan/fire and your twin. And that will be so rich and help you to discover yourself. But at the end, you will came out to the conclusion that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, united by our scout promise and our faith.

Together with your twin, you will be free to make your road: where, how long, with activities, services, campfires, … So the Euromoot of your fire or clan starts when you get twinned! Stay in touch by cell phone, social media, skype and why not by making a road together before the Euromoot, during autumn or spring?

From now on, you can register your fire/clan to the Euromoot 2019.
In a while, you will be able to present your fire/clan by filling in a profile page and by making a short video. After that, together with your clan/fire you can choose a twin among all the other clans/fires of Europe!