We proudly introduce to you… the Euromoot song “On the road 2K19“!

This song is the musical illustration of the Euromoot logo and motto “Parate Viam Domini”.

Together, the logo, motto and song give a common identity to our Euromoot project. It is up to you now to bring it into life!

Lyrics and media

LyricsDownload pdf  Lyrics and guitar chordsDownload pdf  Audio file MP3Download mp3


Scores and audio files

Rangers and Rovers, singing together the chorus.

Ranger VoiceDownload mp3


Rovers voiceDownload mp3


Rangers + Rovers voicesDownload mp3


Chorus online score, Rangers + Rovers:

Chorus PDF score, Rangers + Rovers: Download pdf


A challenge!

Listen to the backing track with the instrumental melody and try to record the song with your voices.
Instrumental melodyDownload mp3

You can use the following backing track:
backing trackDownload mp3

In order to participate to this challenge, upload your video or audio file in your Euromoot profile, as you have already done to introduce your unit.