Registration process

Time schedule

The registration process is made in three different steps, in order to give time to defer the payment and not to weigh heavily on the economy of families, and at the same time to stimulate in your units any project of self-financing and savings

1ST STEP (UNTIL 30/11/18)

It is the phase in which the units subscribe and adhere to the project. This step is done exclusively by unit leaders for their unit.

2ND STEP (FROM 1/12/18 TO 31/01/19)

In this phase, the units declare the number of participants expected and pay 50% of individual participation fee

3rd step (from 15/02 to 31/03/19)

It is the last phase: the units confirm the number of participants, provide the names of their members and pay the remaining amount of the participation fee.

The last instalment is calculated by deducting the previous payments made:
(Number of participants x participation fee)  (Fee already paid in the 2nd phase (registration fee paid in the 1st phase)


NOW...Are you ready?