10 years after the Euromoot in 2007, we invite all the rangers and rovers of the UIGSE to ‘moot’ again in Italy!

A ‘moot’ is a Scottish term which means a ‘meeting of clans’. Translated into our scout language, we can say it’s a gathering of red branches from all the associations of our scout federation.

The Euromoot is THE 2019 EVENT for the red branches of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe. It will gather more than 3000 rovers, rangers and leaders from around 20 European (and American!) FSE countries in Central Italy.

From July 27th to August 3th, 2019 we will have our summer roads in different regions of Italy chosen by every clan or fire together with their twin partner. The roads leads us along historical itineraries throughout breath-taking countryside.


Together with our brothers and sisters from abroad, we will walk in the footsteps of Saint Benedict of Nurcia, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Paul, Saint Francis, Saint Cyril and Methodius… This is road, community, faith & prayer, service, adventure… Everything we need to grow as happy women and men!

On the last day of the road, we will arrive in one of four international camps. Each of these camps gathers close to 1400 participants for a day of rest, exchange, formation, prayer, and scout festival!
On August 3rd, 2019 : “All roads lead to Rome!”.  Leaving from these camps, we all take the road (first by bus and then we will walk) to converge to the same destination: the Eternal City!
As final climax of the Euromoot, the Holy Father, Pope Francis will receive us for a private audience in the Vatican.

The Euromoot is for YOU!

The Euromoot is for all elder Guides and Scouts of Europe: novices, pilots, rovers, rangers, leaders, who want to grow as Christians and Europeans through discovering their brothers and sisters from the other FSE countries.

The Euromoot is for all…

  • who want to share the road and its efforts in a true spirit of our scout brotherhood, together with rangers and rovers from many countries,
  • who want to admire the wonderful countryside of Central Italy,
  • who want to truly discover our common European and Christian heritage,
  • who are ready to take part in building tomorrow’s Europe, with real respect of each culture and by being a European citizen.
If you want to deeply experience what it means to be a Guide or Scout of Europe, the Euromoot is for you!